You're a play button and i click it. 25.06.16

Just premiered “The Maidenhair Tree & the Silver Apricot” in Bremen, a dance piece by Samir Akika. The band of composers (Silver Apricot) consists of Simon Camatta, Stefan Kirchhoff and jayrope, and it is a mimetic super weapon. We’re about to release music from the piece on Bandcamp around April 20.

Most other music is here, solo recordings are here – and you’ll find a Soundcloud player with a few other things below.

Decryption: Jayrope is a composer from Berlin. He currently works on music for contemporary dance and dance theatre and is as well a protagonist of Air Cushion Finish, an ongoing movie for the blind.
Here’s a list of production works.

DIY audio projects
Dromedar/y - autonomous shopping cart - Nov.2014
Sweef - simple variable passive bandpass filter - Oct.2014
Ecco duochord - bowable bass percussion. - Mar.2014

Bits on Soundcloud

Last solo album

• Few field recordings are on