You're a play button and i click it. 12.11.15

If you came here via Theater Bremen, please note: My Track of the Month of November 15 features text by Hakim Bey. Read them (within the section about pornography) here: TAZ.

Most music is here, solo recordings are here.

Decryption: Jayrope is a composer from Berlin, writing & playing oftenly for dance & dance theatre, a lot of that for the dance department of Theater Bremen, Germany.
jayrope is also a protagonist of Air Cushion Finish, an ongoing movie for the blind. You’re very welcome to listen to most of what jayrope did or does here.

Here’s a list of production works.

DIY audio projects
Dromedar/y - autonomous shopping cart - Nov.2014
Sweef - simple variable passive bandpass filter - Oct.2014
Ecco duochord - bowable bass percussion. - Mar.2014

Bits on Soundcloud

Last solo album

• Few field recordings are on