reviews jayrope 15.08.11

Heliodrome & jayrope / “Swearing At The Sun” (limited edition 60 mins cassette / Endemik Music 2010) june 2011
Drifting in on a gust of sighs, this unclassifiable team-up between a gang of gettin’ gone voyagers offers an eerily melodic hour of splayed sounds. According to the liner notes, the four movements of this wanderlusting c60 were recorded in a single afternoon inside Jayrope’s apartment, utilizing everything from an Appalachian dulcimer to a modified Gameboy, bouncing jaw harp, Kaoss-pad and Gakken synth. I swear someone even flicks their Bic at one point. It’s a heady trip through the fourth world electroacoustic hemisphere, sweltering from rise to set.
WiRE magazine, october 2010, page 70 (print release)
For a collaboration between a European engineer and a Canadian ‘experimental hiphop duo’, this is one very hep tape. I’m not familiar with Heliodrome’s other work, but it sure doesn’t have any of the potentially annoying features i think of, when the term hiphop comes up. This is abstract electronic Improv, with jaw harp instead of beats (at least in spots), and various other instruments (or taped versions of the same) creating open-sky music of a very interesting nature, reminding me more of a freaked variant on the European Rock in Opposition tradition than anything else. (Byron Coley) -> Listen

jayrope / “coastline – live” (on CD Compilation “Gerda’s grosse Gruppe”, Klangkrieg Rec. 2004)
The witness exchange
Proof that hunting around really does pay off. This track by “jayrope” is very nice indeed and has the feel of certain periods of the Legendary Pink Dots. Opium induced rock with a some synthetics thrown in. (author unknown)