•       Wedding / GrĂ¼ntaler Str. 51 / daily 7pm - 1am++
  • DJ Friday & Bowling / Many Hands

  • Friday 14.12 22:00
  • MANY HANDS! Every 2nd Friday of the month. DJ’s Kava and Jona J, play all sorts of DANCING music inna Friday De-frag stylee. A little afro funk feel, some Disco bits, Sleazy Boogie, head nod vibrations, hip swing stimulation and the good stuff that connects it together. All colours, shapes, and sizes.

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    Many Hands is a 2nd Friday night monthly dance / defrag / healing music session, in a basement, in Wedding – Berlin. Resident Dj’s Jona J, Kava & friends play across the rhythmic harmonic cultural spectrum. Disco, Soul, Latin and Afrobeat rub hips with MPCs and Drum Machines, Jamaicans in New York, West Africans with Synthesizers and funky Euro-freaks. sometimes quirky, sometimes bashy, but always for the dancers.

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