•       Wedding / Grüntaler Str. 51 / daily 7pm - 1am++
  • Jazz Kamin Konzerte bei Glühwein / an allen Adventsonntagen

  • Sunday 02.12 20:00
  • Jazz Musik
    Milo Lombardi (saxophonist/singer) and Giacomo Cantarini (guitarist), will present their unique blend of modern and delicate jazz as usual. Plus, for this special series of events, they will be joined each night by a different guest musician from the Berliner jazz scene.

    Bring a friend, enjoy the music, have some (Glüh)wine and sit next to the fireplace – your senses will be happy!

    We’ll start early! 8pm at the fireplace!

    Milo and Giacomo:
    website Milo
    website Giacomo

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