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  • Kugelbahn presents: "Shotgun Willie and the Texas Pickers" & "the yonder boys"

  • Thursday 26.04 21:00
  • Eintritt frei – Spenden willkommen.

    Berlin based country and western band Shotgun Willie and the Texas Pickers:

    William Wilson Whittenberg
    David Ingleton
    Gero Kugler
    Benjamin Sohn
    Salomon Pohl


    the yonder boys:
    Yonder Boys are a very new Berlin based Americana String Band consisting of players from around the globe.
    David Stewart Ingleton, from Australia on Banjo
    Jason Serious from USA on the Guitar
    Tomas Peralta from Chile on the Double Bass
    Mattias Itzemplitz from Germany on Mandolin

    They perform originally written material and traditional American Folk Music with Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo and Double Bass and 4 part harmonies.

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