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  • Live: O'Hara

  • Thursday 07.02 21:00
  • O’Hara Redux! It’s a true story and one that may provide some insight as to how we stay fresh and fly yet preserve our vintage O’Haraness. Fact is, we were on a train, the keystone line out of Lancaster when we slipped into an old time cartoon loop. Silo, barn, house, field, tree, country lane. Silo, barn, house, field, tree, country lane. Silo, barn, house, field, tree, etc. It started somewhere around Paoli or Downingtown. We saw an amish boy in black and white standing in a field bobbing up and down like they all do. They being black and white cartoon figures, not amish people. Then Sven being a third generation witch doctor managed to hex into the young man’s consciousness. The idea — help him escape the monotony of abstinence and feel free to wear shirts with buttons. “Buttons!?” he warbled defiantly in a squeaky high pitch, “It’s a slippery slope my friends.” Barn, house, field… Then I had to pee real bad so I went in my ex-girlfriends closet. I woke up, made toast and wrote a song about a chicken. Its pretty good and marks a new direction for us having shied away from barn yard themes till now.

    You can hear ‘Nobody Knows’ (the one about the chicken SPOILER ALERT!!! it’s actually a gay rooster) and lots more fresh stuff, a whole new record’s worth live at kugelbahn! Ahhh, Kugelbahn, such sweet sorrow. If there were only an emoji.

    O’Hara Live

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