•       Wedding / Grüntaler Str. 51 / daily 7pm - 1am++
  • Live Party: Berlin's finest underground rap, r'n'b and singer/songwriter artists

  • Friday 19.04 21:00
  • Rap & Music auf’m Wedding

    Berlin’s finest underground rap, r’n‘b and singer/songwriter artists come together to present their musical talent. Come by and enjoy music from soul in English to rap in Spanish and pop/hip-hop in German.

    This month’s lineup:
    Lurec, Mayesta, K’Sino, Jason Saint and nubianeins

    After the show, our DJ pluckuma will make sure that everybody finds their way to the dancefloor.

    Check out our artists on instagram and all streaming platforms:
    Lurec – lurec.iwr Mayesta - mayessta
    K’Sino – ksinorapmusic Jason Saint - jason_saintsation nubianeins - nubianeins
    pluckuma – @pluckuma

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