•       Wedding / Grüntaler Str. 51 / daily 7pm - 1am++
  • Live: Swingistan

  • Friday 18.01 22:00
  • Swingistan is a berlin based music band. It all started when a few friends wanted to play some swing standards. But it soon evolved by covering a much larger panel of styles, including bossas, waltz, eastern tradionial music… in different languages. The band members themselves have different origins: german, turkish, spanish, brazilian, french. Their music makes you travel, dance and vibrate.

    Güley: Voice
    Vero: Saxophon
    Maria: Violin
    Alex: Gypsy Guitar
    Jonas: Electro-Acoustic Guitar
    Thibaud: Accordion, Banjo
    Lukas M: Double-Bass
    Lukas H: Drums, Percussion

    facebook: www.facebook.com/swingistan
    soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/swingistan
    youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMaJpdDudB6g98Ar68vuaw/videos
    website: www.swingistan.com

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