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  • Live The Sons of Shine

  • Friday 18.01 22:00
  • After three years of being together and spreading love’s message to the world, The Suns of Shine have become the closest of friends. This energy comes out in love waves every time they are together and is transmitted with the music to include everyone present in the feeling. The music comes from the desire for an ideal world filled with love and kindness. The poetic passionate text is serious with strong feelings sang with a voice that echos experience, set to music that is rock and rolling to lift your spirits, and in a performance fun enough to keep you smiling all the way through. The Suns of Shine have played in some of Berlin’s nicest venues with some of the worlds most creative and stylish costumes and have toured Germany twice milking goats and riding ponies along the way. Winning hearts (and some contests) along their way to stardom, The Suns of Shine is a band that will take you in to a reality in which every moment is the best part of living!

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