Charlie - Spacer Woman

by Jane is K.O. - 10.05.09

There was absolutely no need for Fisherspooner after this:

Couldn’t find the lyrics elsewhere, wrote them down myself.
They are not a poetic supernova, BUT THE MUSIC AND VIDEO ARE.

Charlie – Spacer Woman

I’m a Spacer Woman
Don’t you worry bout me
I don’t want to hurt you
I just want to love you

We can start it over
Come on be my lover
You will be my mentor (danger?)
Let me be your stranger

I want to know
I need your love
I can’t go on
I must be sure

I come from Space
I want to know
If i can do
My love is true

  1. — Voodoo    01/09/10    #

    I think its says “you will be my mentor” instead of danger

  2. — anonymous    11/07/10    #

    amazing! thanks for writing down the lyrics, i just heard this song on an internet radio! :)

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