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    Kraftpost // Berlin

    by Jane is K.O.

    I have an affinity to Blues.

    And Kraftpost laughs all day long.

    I did NOT grow up on a cotton field.
    Nevertheless it’s the Delta Blues, acoustic Blues of Mississippi John Hurt and alike, which makes me feel weary and provides a good base to “wallow” in sad thoughts.
    This – as absurd as it is – can give me a good feeling 8).
    At best the sadness feels somehow, erm, erotic, so to say.
    Ha, what a mixture!

    A good feeling is something, that electric Blues had lost already, when guys like Eric Clapton (Erik fuer die Bekloppten) have worked to destroy the leftovers of the one and only music genre of heartache with stupid posing and guitar player show-offs. (We call such a PISSING CONTEST over here.)
    Looking at the guy when he plays gives me a feeling of i wanna leave or at least neither having to listen to nor to look at this jerk.

    However, since a few years already there’s a guy in Berlin, who puts the sex back into electric heartache aswell: Konrad Wilde aka KRAFTPOST

    He’s a one of a kind, singing about BOCKWURST and fridges with new life inside and i don’t know what – while he beats the bass drum and slides the guitar at the same time. A distorted pitched down lofi seduction machine. The nearest neighbor i could think of in terms of his style is one of these bluesy sideprojects from the David Hidalgo spheres, Hounddog, but despite their coolness they can’t scream in German.

    Kraftpost then takes it easy, he’s not a frustrated guy. He screams and shouts into his megaphone, because he likes it, and the Ladies like it, too. Thiis is far from heartache (like Bockwurst anyways. erm. shut up j)

    Well: Mr. Wilde never wanted to have a website, but now he’s on Murdochspace

    And: There’s at least a CDr of his works in full album length. I have it and it is my perfect sunday morning hang over cure. Or so. You ask me about it, I’ll tell you more about it.


    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

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