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    Mac OS X 10.4.11 / disk utility / erase free space: disk full

    by Jane is K.O.

    Use OSX terminal commands mentioned below on your own risk. The sudo [temporary roots priviledges] command in Terminal means you can potentially wipe your hard disk, when mistyped.

    Problem description
    Initially: 32 GB space on harddisk left
    Operation: “Erase free space” with disk utility [ OS X 10.4.11 ]
    Problem: Process interrupted unexpectedly. Large invisible temporary file [here: 29 GB++] appears – 0! bytes space left on harddisk.

    Local solution
    STEP 1: Restart. Got 3 GB back. Where did another 29 GB go?
    STEP 2: Find file by running this in Terminal:
    sudo find / -size +10000000000c -print
    Result: found file in
    STEP 3: Erasing EFTFile1.sparseimage in Terminal with
    sudo rm /.TemporaryItems/folders.0/TemporaryItems/EFTFile1.sparseimage

    The culprit file: EFTFile1.sparseimage.
    Googling EFTFile1.sparseimage finds more possible locations of the temp file
    ~/.Trash/Recovered files/EFTFile1.sparseimage

    Possible software based solution
    I didn’t find any. Terminal helps.
    EVEN OmniDiskSweeper 1.6 didn’t find the files in question.

    Any hintful comments on this?
    [Can’t provide support, this is just for your information. I am no geek nor UNIX-proof.]

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