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    Media competence - prove the opposite

    by Jane is K.O.

    Crisis or not, we want to keep our heads above the flood of irrelevant or even false information. Why?

    To make informed decisions.

    But furthermore,
    news written to excite people are a profitable business. You tend to want to be entertained by them, and if they do, then they make you come back for more. You then start believing reports, because they regularly appear again with your help and consent, mainly not because they find a base in reality. News like that aren’t news, these are manufactured information.

    Fact, then, is neither negative nor positive. Fact doesn’t care, how entertaining it is or if you like it. It isn’t always negative and oftenly so unspectacular at the surface, that you tend to be bored by it and de facto don’t like much to consume it.
    So you actually tend to look away from fact.

    That doesn’t look good. But it gets much worse, when you repost the results of such attitude towards information. Because then you will force others into false images, because they are very likely operating media in a similar way. Plus (or rather minus) you are using the exact same means, that the bad part of media industry uses to sell you their information.
    So, before you believe whatever it might be, and then even repost it, you might want to apply one layer of strategy to your beliefs.

    Try to prove the opposite of what you believe is possible or even true.

    (That’s it.)


    The cake of the neighbour is real, when you eat it, taste it.
    If the neighbour only tells you about a cake, sends you an image or the “sound” of a cake, you may ask first:

    Is there something at all?
    Is it edible?
    Is it a cake?
    Is your neighbour really the source of information?

    However, when you try to prove, that there is nothing, that it is not edible, that it’s not a cake and so on, you may find, that positive or negative ways to ask questions about the same matter find it similarly hard to be answered.
    That should teach you to put a good amount of doubt on any remotely communicated information, before you believe in it or even repost it to others.

    Just make sure it is a cake, that you are about to eat.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com