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    Pipher // Eastern Canada

    by Jane is K.O.

    Pipher just came in via Murdochspace, saying about the Sighs:

    “eyes shut
    It’s late evening in eastern Canada, dark and cold, snowing lightly. I’ve spent the past 30 minutes being introduced to your music. Mesmerised. Midnight secluded forest-hidden highway music.”

    Pipher is a writer in truth.

    That’s the kind of compliment every artist loves to hear, of course, → even nicer to hear, then, is Pipher’s own music

    “El Tea & the Seventh Fret Capo Choir”, members of Pipher from Eastern Canada (New Brunswick) describe themselves as “Being, Determined. Yes. And sometimes chase scenes in bad dreams”, which is in any case true.

    It is f.i. the determination of wobbling tape noise, reversed guitars, tender, dreamy vocals and overtaking analogue synth noise sweeps. Very offstream and very intimate, sensitive, seducing. Start listening to them, and you won’t turn their music off again. Late night music: They don’t sound like the music of bad dreams to me.

    → Get 4 tracks from their murdochspace site. and never forget them again.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

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