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    Online life in the post-Facebook era

    by Jane is K.O.

    In the era post Facebook, when awareness towards issues of privacy, surveillance, company data collections etc. become normal there is now a few options/initiatives to change from an annoying social media company to something better and respecting the wishes of users.
    Facebook for instance hassles users today with enforced real name policies in their TOS and limits on available information even to your friends, personalized ads generation in real time etc. – which is why i recently quit using all my accounts there.

    The loss of networking is momentarily apparent, but help might be on the way.
    A number of new sites offer similar services and user-respectful policies. I tried some out.


    Ello.co – Check the feature list.
    - no chat just half a personal messaging system by sending comments or statuses @somebody
    - no events.
    - no image galleries.
    - easy to use, once you “arrived”.
    - interesting artist-type of community.
    - easy image, video, audio posting features (the usual Youtuve, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and few others.)
    - hash tagging.
    - good style in standard layout, retro looking, clean interface.
    - easy distinction between “Friends” and “Noise” among the ones you follow.
    - only storing minimal data (Your account and the posts).
    - not really a text medium, which i would prefer.
    Seems they work on multilanguage support. Das wird sehr gut. Grows fast.
    Currently hosts jayrope


    Despite Google being just another big player not unlike Facebook itself i find every service here, that i am used to need, like chat, events, following/liking etc.
    And i can use whatever name i please. That way my private life and my online life can stay separated to the degree i wish.
    - no replies to comments, so also no notifications upon replies.
    - ugly design, not customisable.
    - posts lack a language identifier (would be easier to sort through the international world).
    - shared snippets of others in status updates contain no real text info.
    If you post without your own text to it, you’ll only produce anonymous images.
    - free upload of own images is limited to 15GB, so watch your data.
    - Google could change their TOS to anything they wish, so having a public identity other than your private one could go quickly. But this applies to any social community besides minds.com (see below).


    Promises to pay 90% of the ad money they make back to users. I’ve no idea, if that’s reality. The idea is ambivalent, though, because this also means, that your private details are still logged for the purpose of personalized advertisement, only you agree to this in hope to get paid back. I’ll keep you updated.
    I turned out uninterested in payment and bailed out of tsu some months ago.

    - another pay for content site. They send regular reminders, if you didn’t login for long and award you with some points upon login, which you can use to reach a bigger audience for a post. But teh audience is a problem.
    - Minds is full of gamers, conspiracy people and pseudo esoterics. Contentwise it seems Minds is a waste of time.
    - Design/interface ugly/unfinished.
    *Wall posts can’t be edited. * But deleted.
    Blog articles, audio and video embedding unobvious or not working.
    Generally slightly buggy, as only in alpha state (Aug 2015).
    No events.
    Users can stay anonymous, as this
    is supposedly an Anonymous-connected initiative. – says it all, that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is there already.
    Encrypted chat/messaging system. All messages can be forgotten (at least) by changing the basic encryption password.
    Open sourced.
    Ability to feed your own site using RSS.
    Design is announced to be changeable soon (Aug. 15). Software can soon be run on your own server, creating your own micro community while staying in touch with the whole.

    I am not convinced. Seems to corporate already to trust. Waste of time.

    NOTE: I don’t use a mobile device to check this. Am on a proper computer. :D

    To be continued/updated. Aug. 15 / EDIT Sept. 16

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