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Pop must be rebuilt from scratch!

a bunch of fake neo-hippies, started by Berlin’s electro offroader Jayrope (Rope), noise rocker Dave Bennett (Erik and me) and hiphop colleague Splatterdandy (Defcon) as a mass project/open source-type of band in summer 2003.

Soon it all went wrong, the useless collective idea died easily, but attracted a lot more disturbed creatures like Mark Bihler (Whitedaughter, UK), Tom Krimi, wordless über-vocalist Samtbody (Goldmund) & the über-drummer Arik Hayut (Tel Aviv, not “Telephone”), who likes to drum on construction signs and other metallic pieces collected on sunday afternoon walks, right after breakfast.

GU don’t work, it’s a pure fun thing, besides occasional psychological interference. They search and find, and they enjoy themselves massively, like real girls do. They are also touchy at times.
Of course all that results in the useless fun of an anarchist punk band, the doomed anger and decidedness of the politically aware, all combined with the desperate seriousness and experience of an overly-educated all star band, up to the point of public self-demolition. And quietness, when it needs be.

Together, even with a load of other fraggles, GU produce a misguided mix of acid beats, noise guitars, Russian synth outbursts, shredded vocals, repeatedly interrupted by quotes from very fallacious other music genres of nearly all thinkable kinds. Their Kraut Funk repeatedly attracted Berlin police to their live shows (when playing ballads). They played almost 80 selfpromoted shows in one year, until Berlin’s now extremely-ceased student radio station Reboot.FM couldn’t but call them “Berlin’s best live band!”.

These girls don’t care.
They compose pop music from scratch, onstage, new everytime. Then, after playing their worst ever show on Fusion festival 2005, the advertisement industry asked to hire GU as mobile phone models. The outlook of sharing two phones by eight people as payment for a nation wide campaign finally killed the band.

Killed??? Come on!!!!


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