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    klik lako fony


    This was an audio collage since Nov. 2007. Myspace disallows now to use their players on external sites, therefore Klik lako fony might not sound. Or maybe it does this time? Here’s a stripped down version on Myspace, which works.

    Precautions. / → Adjustments. / → Record this.

    10 Myspace music players of kliklak.net artists play your own unique [read more.] mix below. Reload page for a new combination. Enjoy.

    Please comment here.

    Air Cushion Finish

    Homeless on broadband

    Imperial Guilt



    Scenic Panner

    Silk Konvertor

    Television Workshop

    The Sighs




    … 10 random players, each with 5 tracks, would result in 510 possible variations (9.765.625) alone.

    An always varying delay occurs on startup of every individual player – depending on your computer setup, internet provider & other unpredictable net-wide connectivity issues – this unpredictability should be sufficient for you to cut yourself a unique recording from this now.

    Adjusting collage
    → Move play position sliders, f.i. when a player seems to be stuck for a while.
    → Switch players on/off as desired.
    → Choose certain tracks from certain players by clicking on their name.
    Other notes
    Click on an artist name above a player to be taken to the respective Myspace site, which requires your own account there for full functionality. Kliklak.net are not intending to promote Myspace. The use of these players here is owed to their availability.

      Precautions to use this page:
    Turn computer audio volume DOWN to 50% first.
    The runtime of this collage is up to about 35 mins.
    Make sure you have at least 300 MegaBytes spare space on ANY of your harddisks. This collage uses up to 100MB per 10 minutes runtime to cache soundfiles. Quit the browser after a while & start over again, if you’re unsure of sufficient cache size.
    We’re not responsible for any ear and/or hardware and/or software damage. This page uses only flash and html.


    1. — Neil    08/11/07    #

      Collage University
      the ear hands off to the brain and sizzles

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