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    To access the standalone web radio, just click the tower below(radio pops up):


    ⇪ i'm a pop-up radio ⇪

    0. Please don’t steal our music. Thanx. We need to eat.
    1. Flash 6+ / javascript must be enabled, pop-up blocker disabled, please.
    2. 260++ songs & tracks of kliklak artists in random order.
    (We own our own copyright. Stop writing us lawyer’s letters, RIAA!)
    3. Most music is also available as downloads and on traditional media (CD®, vinyl etc.).
    4. For less random playback select from the “artists” menu.
    5. Mouse over icon bar in lower left for descriptions of further controls, i.e. you can listen to a single release in original order.
    6. Occasionally tracks are downloadable. You’ll see an mp3 textbutton coming up in the upper right section of the player.
    7. Trying buttons out won’t destroy anything, do it, if at your own risk. :)

    note: If you’re tired of learning another audio player you can find single artist players on their respective pages.all artists.

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