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    Berlin, Matt Elliott & Milenasong @ Zentrale Randlage

    Date: 25.09.2006 / 21:00
    Location: Zentrale Randlage in Berlin
    Entry fee: 7 Euro Euro (estimate).

    Totally recommended:
    Matt Elliott’s Drinking Songs are among the most heard albums in my neighborhood since at least a year.
    we are not exactly sure, if he’ll perform this Berlin show with his long time live partner Manyfingers on drums and cello, but nevertheless it must be mentioned, that there’s a new album of his due for release on Icidailleurs in france end of october 2006. Here’s a prelisten.
    - and spupport for Matt: Milenasong is a new folktronic subculture celebrity appearing in Berlin at the moment. Great stuff. very moody half-Norwegian one woman band. Wonderful songs.

    This will be a great night.

    Geh Da Hin!


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