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    Guy Bartell

    by Jane is K.O.

    David Bowie – Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
    Fabio Frizzi – L’aldilà OST
    Goblin – Roller
    Mark Hollis – Mark Hollis
    Michael Nyman – The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover OST
    Neu! – Neu!
    Scott Walker – Scott 3
    Shellac – At Action Park
    This Heat – This Heat
    Whitehouse – Bird Seed

    Guy Bartell is a composer and performer based in the mythical English city of Bristol. He is the Force majeure behind Bronnt Industries Kapital, an electro-acoustic/italo-kraut-disco collective, and also plays in the earth-bound manifestation of Duncan Fleming’s astral conduit War Against Sleep.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

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