jayrope (production, songwriting, live electronics, guitar, vocals)
Anton Maiof (production, songwriting, synths, vocals, guitar)
Nico Lippolis (drums)
Lee Thompson (vocals)
Vaka Lee (vocals)
Eduardo Lalo Padilla (vocals)
Corduroy Cosmic (tapping (not wire-))
and Neil Carlill (vocals/ukulele)

past contributors
Malcolm Arison (blues harp on RH)
Rob Cummings (loops, drums, percussion on RH)
Nives Kramberger (vocals on INF2C/“This is Berlin”)
Nico Lippolis (drums on INF2C and live until today)
Michael Lenke (uprite bass on RH)
Marko Timlin (additional drums on INF2C)
Carsten Wegener (bass, guitar & loops on INF2C and live in 1999)

album It’s no fun to compute = INF2C
album Rope Hotel = RH

¿ contributors ~

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