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This page is here just to give you a rest.
It won’t kill a f***in fly unless you click here

… Resting is one fundamental way of man to gain new energy, besides sitting in the sun (unless in Australia, sorry folks), chasing for items on sale and finally dwarf throwing, a Scottish speciality of the especially special kind. Dwarfing the dwarf so to say, or as famous dwarf RANDY NEWMAN has pointed out: Short people got reason to be thrown as far as possible.
I like it, it’s fun to fly!

Other activities, especially philosophy and sexofon, are stressful, if not dangerous and should be avoided, also because of the neighbors.

If you are otherwise in need of a longer rest and interested in flies you can try going to the Kenian jungle and meet some Tsetse flies, for a start. When you get too sleepy, you can meet up with a population of the Sterile Atomic Fly.
That alone won’t help much against the sleep, but nevertheless the likelyhood of meeting Tsetse flies is being reduced reciprocal TO or OF or FROM or THROUGH or BY or WITH or UNDER the presence of this, when finally launched by the chemedical industry. Neato!

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