Rope 1996
…started as a folk band of jayrope, Malcom Arison, Rob Cummings and Micha Lenke. They played acoustic songs jayrope had written in Austin, Texas in winter 94/95.

In 1997/98
Rope changed into an early post rock band, influenced by Latin Playboys’ debut album & early DHR tracks – and while jayrope engineered for Atari Teenage Riot’s “Future of War”.
The band started looping themselves as a whole & played on top of it again, and they got rid of all vocals. Later this mix got described as “the constant rain of an unreleased Blade Runner type soundtrack”, a “slap in the face of electronica”.

Alec Empire offered a release on Geist Rec., and shortly after jayrope delivered Rope’s debut album Rope Hotel, an intense work of 7 dubbed, overcompressed, ambient, electro-acoustic psychedelia works, released in 1998. Andrew Weatherall was said to spin Rope on vinyl at the time.

~ ~
In 1999/2000
… Rob Cummings, Nico Lippolis, Marko Timlin (all on drums) and Jiddish singer Nives Kramberger on additional vocals got to be contributors for the 2nd album. Vocals came back in and there was a release in 1999(UK)/2000(US) under the name It’s no fun to compute.

Logically the album sounded totally fucked up, even if that was only caused by bad soundcards, too many audio plugins in the signal chain and a general lack of understanding of everything.

Rope started halting. A lack of infrastructure (management/booking), no expressed interest from the label and jayrope now being a father seemed to turn further Rope action impossible. The kid’s face is on the cover of INF2C, but it should have been inverted. Rope maybe had also turned out to be not compatible to pop music. Typical DHR fans turned “what’s that crap?”. DHR seemed mainly interested in creating celebrities: Wrong label.
Both released albums, nevertheless, got a lot of praise from fellow musicians, like Rechenzentrum, Electronicat, and also from magazines like ‘the Wire’ and the German ‘Spex’. A tiny but hardcore fan crew loved those obsessed concerts, which were never the same.

Jayrope toured a bit solo then and recorded much simpler tracks for a 3rd Rope album on his own, before it was all layed aside, in favor of many new music enterprises (Air Cushion Finish / Touchdonttouch / Television Workshop / Girls United / Hardman Bros / Kimmo Elomaa / The Sighs).

Jayrope got to know Antonioni Maiof during a recording session for the Sighs. at Bristol’s Cube cinema. It’s been great to work together, and jayrope got infected with Anton Maiof’s brilliantly noisy solo works by the name of My Ambulance is on Fire.

Toni and jayrope have finished an album, almost, but no idea where to go. Jayrope gets back into live playing with Nico Lippolis, yet only for a few gallery shows in Berlin.

Jayrope spends most of his time playing with the homeopathic punk band Air Cushion Finish.

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  • 17.09.12