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    by Jane is K.O.

    Emonaut – CD 1 & 2
    Geisha – Die Verbrechen der Liebe
    Mi Ami – Watersports (2009)
    Ligeti: Works for Piano: Etudes & Musica Ricercata
    Volcano the bear – Classic Erasmus Fusion
    Alpha 88 – Wer schweigt, gibt Recht
    Brigtte Fontaine & Arts Ensemble of Chicago – Comme a la Radio
    The Cheap PoetWhen the poem falls and breaks it’s nose
    The Monks – Black monk time
    Herbie Hancock – Sextant

    Favourite live appearance: Volcano the Bear

    jayrope is an audiotic from Berlin & runs this website, besides generating other troubles.

    Prokop Holoubek

    by Jane is K.O.

    Zatoichi (soundtrack of Kitano´s film)
    Dva – Fonók
    Ali Ibn Rachid – Cyklisticka
    Miss Hawaii – ??????????(some japan wordsJ)
    Neu – Neu 1
    The Cure – 4:13 Dream
    Von Spar – s/t
    Philipp Quehenberger – Phantom in Paradise
    Joakim – Monsters and Silly songs
    Dežo Ursiny – Do tla

    Prokop Houloubek Prokop Holoubek runs the Brno-based festival NewNew and – besides occasionally managing his own favourite bands – is a very active musician himself playing with the infamous crossover elektro future pop Czech band Midi Lidi, and not to forget Total Napalm Pice as well, who don;t hold back in going more artsy, humorous and cheaper-stylish, than anyone has ever gone before.


    by Jane is K.O.

    LEONARD COHEN: the best of (LP)
    WIM MERTENS: a man of no fortune & with a name to come (LP)
    the SONIC YOUTH nearly everything/can’t pick a favourite
    MOGWAI: r u still in 2 it
    GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR! performing live
    THE KNIFE: silent shout (Do-LP)
    DOP: playlist for little white earbuds (Podcast)
    DARK GLOBE feat. Boy George: atoms (remixes) (12”, B-side)
    SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS: sempiternal/amaranth
    BRIAN CARES: fingerprints (CD)

    BCM/Candyflipbcm is borderline cyclops machine, founder of Digital Kranky Records, Berlin. Uses the pseudonyms candyflip for dj-ing at rare occasions, The Acidfarm! for creative (graphic-)output, and – with a twinkle, although you can’t see it – Metrosexual Superpower at some social network.

    Jean-Marie Dhur

    by Jane is K.O.

    Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillon
    Fela Kuti – Beast of no nation
    Phillip Glass – Heroes
    The Very Best of Éthiopiques
    Jeremy Jay – Slow Dance
    Buddy Peace – Wolf Diesel Mountain
    Jim O’Rourke – Eureka
    Paul Hindemith – Ludus Tonalis
    Holger Czukay – Der Osten ist Rot
    Department of Eagles – In Ear Park

    Wald und Wiese Jean-Marie Dhur, by the name Wald und Wiese, is a Berlin-based DJ of eclectic and lounging music, oftenly to be found on sunday occasions at club KdR. He’s also into an independent and traveling film showcase, which goes by the name of Moviemiento. Find more of his musical tastes at least on his Myspace site.

    Lee Thompson

    by Jane is K.O.

    sonic youth – rather ripped
    the church – starfish
    tom waits – rain dogs
    radiohead – hail to the thief
    feist – let it die
    delicatessen – hustle into bed
    animal collective – feels
    pinback – summer in abaddon
    neutral milk hotel – in the aeroplane over the sea
    the national – boxer
    sufjan stevens – illinois
    martha wainwright – Martha Wainwright
    Dead Can Dance – Into the Labyrinth

    leethompson Lee Thompson is a Canadian writer and musician, releasing his original songwriting packed in a warm coat of experimental music using aliases Pipher, and Zizziz, partly on the well-respected Mexican online label Dog Eared Records.


    by Jane is K.O.

    top ten albums general —- by milenasong

    1. loveless by My Bloody Valentine
    2. Magical Mystery Tour & Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles
    3. Blue by Joni Mitchell
    4. Unhalfbricking by Fairport Convention
    5. I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One by Yo La Tengo
    6. Parallellograms by Linda Perhacs
    7. Nebraska by Brucce Springsteen
    8. Songs For A Blue Guitar by Red House Painters
    9. It’ll End In Tears by This Mortal Coil
    10.What Would THe Community Think by Cat Power

    out of necessity – top five best songs
    1. the beatles – tomorrow never knows
    2. black sabbath – planet caravan
    3. leonard cohen – master song
    4. the velvet underground – pale blue eyes
    5. them – it’s all over now baby blue


    by Jane is K.O.

    current spin list

    sunset rubdown: snake’s got a leg
    black to comm: rückwärts backwards
    swod: gehen
    white magic : through the sun door
    silver pyre: the 2 eps
    stars of the lid: and their refinement of the decline
    vedette: vedette
    PAAVOHARJU: Yhä hämärää
    des wahnsinns fette beute: ernte 25
    rusty santos: eternity spins

    Lippstueck. He lends his lips to the ethereal harps of random noises,
    projects, turntables, vacuumcleaners, letters and bands. He puts his ears into a samtbody to become a velvet hollywood sometimes and will tell significant stories then of how to avoid to get old and wet.

    [editor: not wet?? why not wet??]

    Monica Difrancesco

    by Jane is K.O.

    current fav > Wilco – Sky Blue Sky (2007)

    David Byrne – Catherine Wheel (1981)
    Cluster – Sowiesoso (1976)
    Dick Hyman and Mary Mayo – Moon Gas (1963)
    Ken Nordine – Colors (1966)
    Stereolab – Cobra and Phases Group Play in the Milky Night (1999)
    Sonic Youth – Washing Machine (1995)
    John Cage – Pieces for Keyboard and Prepared Piano (1935-48)
    Broadcast – The Noise Made By People (2000)
    Beck – Odelay (1996)
    Nick Drake-Pink Moon (1972)

    monicadifrancesco Monica DiFrancesco is The Cheap Poet [Myspace site]. Her debut album came out on Umor Records, Mexico. Download it for free. in 2007. She’ll be drooling aurora borealis all over your opalescent rooftops, especially in conjunction with her illustrations on poesiabarata.com. This is her superior profession laying the real base for her colorful & future-proof music works. All those electronica posers can go home, when she touches her toy harp.

    Daniel Zelonky

    by Jane is K.O.

    in no particular order

    Seeking Other Beauty – Bayeté Umbra
    Anthology Vol 2 – Eddie Henderson
    Fulfillingness’ First Finale – Stevie Wonder
    Live in Switzerland (bootleg)- James Brown
    Treasures That Are Still There – Sun Ra (unreleased)
    Queen’s Suite – Duke Ellington
    Fresh – Sly & The Family Stone
    Pleasure Crimes – Hardman Bros
    Bombay 505 Miles – VA
    Wallet Box – Astor Piazolla

    Resisting narrow stylistic or genre conventions since he first appeared as Low Res in 1994, Daniel Zelonky has emerged as a keeper of the flame of ambitious and adventurous, yet rambunctiously entertaining American music. He has woven any number of improbably wondrous hybrid styles with a mischeivous humor and unabashed over-the-top approach to musical arrangement and expression, garnering critical praise and a cult following since his 1994 debut on record. Henceforth, Zelonky’s work (and band) will go under the name Suite Crude Revue to reflect the increasing propensity to this sort of showmanship. The previous Low Res albums, Approximate Love Boat, and Blue Ramen, have been internationally acclaimed and are currently available again on iTunes. Look Back With Knife, a collection of unreleased, rare & live tracks, and an early works and outtakes set entitled 15 Exitos Grandes De Electro, are also available on iTunes and other services concurrent with the release of Suite Crude.



    by Jane is K.O.

    in no particular order

    Freestyle Fellowship – innercity griots

    David Bowie – Space Oddity

    Sole – Bottle of Humans

    the Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia

    - Fleetwood Mac – Rumors

    Quannam Spectrum

    2 Live Crew – As nasty as they wanna be

    Motley Crue – Theatre of Pain

    Tom Waits – Small change

    Beastie Boys – Paul’s boutique

    bleubird Bleubird is originally from Florida. Coming in via Montreal he is now about to find a new home in Berlin. He gets asked a lot to rap/shout/sing his poetry & lyrics all over Europe’s finest underground locations – together with “DJ CD-Player”, who serves a load of future music, that the word “HipHop” can just fractionally describe.
    “He’s one of the most positive yet bitter MCs you’ll ever have the pleasure of nodding your head to. In a single line, he’ll sound as political as Noam Chomsky, as dirty as 2 Live Crew and as emotionally fragile as a young girl’s diary entry.” Raf Katigbak (Montreal Mirror)

    Myspace site

    Guy Bartell

    by Jane is K.O.

    David Bowie – Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
    Fabio Frizzi – L’aldilà OST
    Goblin – Roller
    Mark Hollis – Mark Hollis
    Michael Nyman – The Cook The Thief His Wife And Her Lover OST
    Neu! – Neu!
    Scott Walker – Scott 3
    Shellac – At Action Park
    This Heat – This Heat
    Whitehouse – Bird Seed

    Guy Bartell is a composer and performer based in the mythical English city of Bristol. He is the Force majeure behind Bronnt Industries Kapital, an electro-acoustic/italo-kraut-disco collective, and also plays in the earth-bound manifestation of Duncan Fleming’s astral conduit War Against Sleep.

    Anton Maiof

    by Jane is K.O.

    in no particular order

    Goblin – Suspiria

    Whitehouse – Bird Seed

    Tangerine Dream – Force Majeure

    The Jesus Lizard – Liar

    Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream

    Kryzysztof Penderecki – Orchestral Works (EMI Double Forte Recording)

    Scott Walker – The Drift

    Christoph De Babalon – If You’re Into It I’m Out Of It

    Steve Reich – Music For 18 Musicians

    Rapeman – Two Nuns & A Pack Mule

    tonimaiof Anton Maiof is a composer and performer, who lives in the city of Bristol and is currently playing in GEISHA [Noise Rock], DTV [Quabalistic Drone], BRONNT INDUSTRIES KAPITAL [Lazerfunk], MAIOVVI & FORTUNA [Progressive Italo Disco] as well as a solo improviser and film and theatre composer [www.myspace.com/antonmaiof].

    Eduardo Padilla

    by Jane is K.O.


    CONLON NANCARROW: no particular album, his complete player piano works.









    Eduardo Padilla from Leon, Mexico, began writing poetry at 27 and music at 29. He has 2 musical projects: MOLLOY AND HIS BIKE, home-made intuitive guitar ramblings, aided slightly by a computer and aiming for dense simplicity; and PING PONG PARROT, computer music inspired in birds, delirium, dyslexia and hyperboles. His poetry has appeared in a number of mags and anthologies and he wrote two books, one self-published (“Wang, vector”) and one “professional” coming up in November the 30th, named ZIMBABWE.
    Eduardo Padilla runs Mexican netlabels Umor Rex and Dog Eared Records.

    Kiki Bohemia

    by Jane is K.O.

    1 The Beatles Abbey Road
    2 Pink Floyd The Wall
    3 Jimi Hendrix Axis Bold as Love
    4 The Beatles White Album
    5 Metallica And Justice for All
    6 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I
    7 Deep Purple The Book of Taliesyn
    8 Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon
    9 deus Worst Case Scenario
    10 Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream

    Kiki Bohemia is a Berlin music celebrity of her own. Besides being the daughter of a very influential father, who is a songwriter of GDR fame, she does her own songs & music independently from recent hipness in a haunting, electronics-savy way. She was called “a talent of the century” before: Her solo & charming antipop works can only be slightly indicated by above list of favs. Listen yourself.


    by Jane is K.O.

    Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc. – Cold Jubilee [Of The Snowqueen] / cco 2007
    Pekka Streng – Kesämaa / Love Records 1972
    Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Days Of Mars / 2005
    Hannu – Worms in My Piano / OSAKA 2007
    Hassle Hound – Limelight Cordial / Staubgold 2006
    Son of Rose – Demo / ??
    The Necks – Chemist / 2006
    Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Black Earth / 2002
    Hermine Demoriane – Lonely at the Top / 1981 ??
    Kuusumun Profeetta – Kudein kaappiaan selissään skantaa / 2002 ??
    Tartu Popi Ja Roki Instituut – Madise Margikogu

    Xenia Helms aka Minimatika is one half of Berlin’s now temporary underground ex-location Zentrale Randlage. She’s a connaisseur of the listening to COMPLETE albums in her cd player and a connaisseur of single tracks in goddarn itunes, just like you.


    by Jane is K.O.

    the winter jukebox 2007

    rusty santos – eternity spans
    thanksgiving – ?
    the moray eels eat the holy modal rounders
    francois / sleeping states split tape
    this is the kit – ?
    josephine foster – hazel eyes i will lead you
    spectre folk – requiem for ming aralia
    karen dalton – in my own time
    sunburned hand of the man – the mylar tantrum
    william basinski – variations for piano and tape

    Slowlearner is one half of The Sighs, the poetry, the voice and a decidated conceptualist aswell. He inhaled the bloody bloody songs at very young age already.

    Neil Carlill

    by Jane is K.O.

    Neil Carlill – Captain Beefheart: lick my decals off baby – Beach Boys: pet sounds – duke ellington: the Far East Suite – wu-tang Clan: 36 Chambers – can: ege bamyasi – kurt schwitters: ursonate

    - buck 65: square – Frank Zappa: Uncle meat – Skip James: The Complete Early Recordings – Miles Davis: In A Silent Way – Current listening to Random Love Songs

    neilcarlillNeil Carlill was the long time singer and poetrist for the UK based mid90s band Delicatessen. His recent project Vedette is a seducing mix of ambient, noise, beats and poetry and among the most interesting we heard in 2005 and 2006. Vedette’s first album will be released on Belgium’s Stilll Records (Myspace ) on November 03, 2006.


    by Jane is K.O.


    Tom Waits – the Mule Variations
    John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band
    Keiji Haino – I said, I am the son of nihilism
    Fushitsusha – I Saw It! That Which Before I Could Only Sense
    Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
    Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Master and Everyone
    Neil Young – After the Goldrush
    Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Sleeps with angels
    Sinead O’Connor – the Lion and the Cobra
    Amadeus Chamber Orch. cond. Agnieska Duczmal – Concerto for Piano and Strings/Three Pieces in Old Style

    Vardi is a wonderful new band from Iceland around Hallvardur Asgeirsson. Of course there’s a myspace site, but you should definately go to their own music pages and be entwined with their near arctic and modern orchestral whyness. kind of art rock. and soooo very good!

    Vanishing Breed

    by Jane is K.O.

    - The Incredible String Band: The 5000 Spirits of the Layers of the Onion

    - The Flying Burrito Bros: The Gilded Palace of Sin

    - Leonard Cohen: Death Of A Ladies Man

    - Adam and the Antz: Dirk Wears White socks

    - Pulp: Separations

    - S.E.Rogie: 1992 – 1994

    - Anne Laplantine & Momus: Summer Isle

    - Alasdair Roberts: Farewell Sorrow

    - Wiley: Walking On Thin Ice

    Vanishing Breed aka Alex Holmes is sort of a musical detective. Besides being an influential (meanwhile) ex-member of They came from the stars i saw them he’s an obsessed researcher of the melodic and rhythmic styles of African guitar playing.

    Suska Lovestar

    by Jane is K.O.

    Suska Lovestar

    - stina nordenstam: this is stina nordenstam

    - echo & the bunnymen: ocean rain – nitrada: 0+ – cat power: nude as the news

    - mum: finally we are no one

    - peter tschaikowski: der nussknacker – franz schubert: die winterreise – encre: mabres

    - new order: power, corruption & lies – matt elliott: drinking songsaarktica: pure tone audiometry

    Suska Lovestar is a singer/songwriter and oftenly in Berlin. She is honest to the bone, on stage, and wearing one of her many animal costumes, light-footed and sincere, voice clear, eyes blue like rain on a lonely summer’s day.

    Alaska Boy

    by Jane is K.O.

    alaska boy (Berlin)

    - sleeping states: distances are great

    - grizzly bear: horn of plenty

    - jordan dalrymple: phosphor 2

    - various: hilarity and despair

    - jandek on corwood

    - joe boyd: white bicycles

    - milenasong: can’t tape forever

    - sj esau: live in doors

    - the sighs: peregrinations

    - scott walker: the drift

    DJ Snakefinger

    by Jane is K.O.

    DJ Snakefinger

    - Velvet Underground: peel slowly and see – Chemical: Same

    - Spacemen 3: Playing with fire

    - Can: Ege Bamyasi

    - Wire: Chairs Missing

    - Serge Gainsbourg: Histoire de Melody Nelson – Love: Forever Changes – This Heat: Deceit

    - Suicide: Second Album – black box recorder: england made me

    DJ Snakefinger sings and plays Moog with the outstanding Berlin based band Program and regularly spins his outstanding collection aswell at various Berlin music holes like the 8mm bar.

    Horton Jupiter

    by Jane is K.O.

    HORTON JUPITER – Bill Drummond: The Man – Alice Coltrane: Lord Of Lords – Lionel Richie: Can’t Slow Down – Go Kart Mozart: Instant Wigwam and the Igloo Mixture – Subtle Tease: Goings Of An Offer – Vanishing Breed: Between Arrival and Departure – The Flaming Lips: Zaireeka – The unreleased They Came From The Stars I Saw Them Road To Wembley trilogy: – they came from the stars, i saw them versus reality – we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at they came from the stars, i saw them – The Big Time – Conway Hall: the music was already here – Pulp: Separations

    Horton Jupiter is a Man of World, who – despite hippie community troubles congeniously continues contributing songs, vocals and electronics for the London based Sun Ra Successor band They came from the stars I saw them.