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  • Open source social media

    by Jane is K.O.

    Open-source (social) media platforms listed below don’t track you, have no ads and don’t use AI to pre-filter content. This is user-respecting. But you’ll have to filter the content yourself for what you’d like to see. Everyone may post there incl. people you don’t like, posting things you don’t want to read or see. This is ultimately democratic and user-enabling.
    As “human quality” isn’t always the best, most instances and the majority of users have and share common policies against xenophobic, racist, militarist, fake news etc. content, effectively mostly blocking this content from federation already.

    In the following you’ll find some options from the Fediverse, a network of 1000s of individually operated, interconnected instances using the same software and the same protocol (activity.pub that is).

    Mastodon – a Twitter-like text- and image-based platform with a higher word limit.
    We’re on Mastodon: Air Cushion FinishjayropeBiesentales

    Funkwhale – a Soundcloud alternative, incl. downloads & audio players to share.
    We’re on Funkwhale: jayrope

    Peertube – a Youtube alternative, incl. downloads & video players to share.
    Our (music) videos on Peertube: Air Cushion Finishropinsky

    Bandcamp – does use Google Analytics. BC is listed here, because it is the only music selling platform that pays out 85+% of the proceeds to the artist (another 4% are processing fees to PeyPel).

    -> Use Firefox. Disable common tracking in your browser with eff.org’s Privacy Badger

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

    Parallel universal music?

    by Jane is K.O.

    Originally we had coined the term parallel universal music to ironically distinct our own music approach from one seeking for profit, fame or representation. We’d like to explore freely and actually talk about music itself. So some of the artists mntioned might have a tendency to disappear behind their work.

    Yet we are here as well to network about music, and in a user-friendly way.

    We’ll tend not to lure you into profit-seeking platforms (Spotify, Itunes, Google Music, Youtube, Facebook etc.), much preferring sites supporting you & us, like Bandcamp, Mastodon, Funkwhale, Peertube.

    Today more than ever artists have a big reponsibility in not turning themselves into technical vehicles of profit-generation. Instead we’ve to set positive examples by using free, open-source, safe and human-friendly social media, that you can also work with yourself.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

    Mastodon - first steps

    by Jane is K.O.

    You’ve just arrived on Mastodon and the stream of incoming content is unnerving?
    A few steps to quickly make it comfier.

    A: Adjust your languages
    B: Mute or block users, block domains
    C: Adjust your toot visibility (public, only followers, direct message)
    D: You have three feeds for toots, local (people you follow), home (server) and fediverse (all servers).

    In more detail:

    Adjust your languages
    • go to Preferences -> Other -> Public timelines/Filter languages
    Activate languages only, that you want to read.
    Save your changes (button at top right end of page).
    Much more peace now.

    Mute, block, report users, block domains etc.
    Get rid of unwanted users/servers in your fediverse stream.
    Use the menu item ••• under a toot to proceed.
    Note: Certain domains/servers might post almost only one type of unwanted content. You might block them completely, however note, that this blocks every user of that server.

    Adjust your toot visibility
    Image below should be self-explaining.

    The author of this article can be found on the fediverse:

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

    Biesentales Radio

    by Jane is K.O.

    Biesentales are music makers & DJs from a beautiful community-owned place near Berlin, broadcasting since 2014 – exploration radio made by music lovers.

    Biesentales shows on Cashmere Radio, including playlists
    #48 – Nonlinear radio: Eyh haste ma fuffzisch Euro, ich muß zu meiner kranken Mutti nach Westdeutschland! Ne Kippe, vielleischt? N paar Cents fürn Bier? Mann eyh, dit jibs do nich. Ja, so siehste och aus. – hosted by jayrope
    #47 – Mutation Station – hosted by Suetszu
    #46 – Shootingale, steaming – hosted by Samtbody
    #45 – Der verregnete Sommer – hosted by jayrope
    #44 – Dritter Gebirgszug – entschuldigen Sie, ich bin ein Geländewagen – hosted by Lippstück
    #43 – Molecular Wind – hosted by jayrope
    #42 – Die fragwürdigste aller Antworten – hosted by Bob Drop and Lippstück
    #41 – Und die Tauben fielen aus den Wolken wie Schnee – hosted by Lippstueck
    #40 – Stirred-up lives – hosted by jayrope
    #39 – Samantha currents – hosted by Samantha
    #38 – I had a car like that before – hosted by jayrope

    #37 – Fediversed, superimposed on what is – hosted by jayrope
    #36 – Of light and depth – hosted by jayrope
    #35 – Childourette – hosted by Samantha
    #34 – Thalflug – hosted by Lippstueck
    #33 – Bademeister – hosted by Lippstueck
    #32 – Spurrinnen – hosted by Lipppstueck
    #31 – The fool – hosted by jayrope
    #30 – News from (out of the) luxury prison – hosted by jayrope
    #29 – Hoping for wildlife to re-enter the cities – hosted by jayrope
    #28 – Rare dates – hosted by jayrope
    #27 – Nothing happens, coming home – hosted by Ixelonkoordinate & Laika Jona
    #26 – Gratidud for you to share – hosted by jayrope & Suetszu

    #25 – Spinnert
    #24 – Secret crushendo – hosted by jayrope & Samantha
    #23 – Wokule 2003-2019 – Volle! Fahrt voraus! – hosted by Lippstueck, Laika Jona, Ixelon, Bob Drop, the Birdkeeper, Etkin Cekin, jayrope
    #22 – Fest und Fluessig – hosted by jayrope & Niklas Kraft
    #21 – Wind bends tree hosted by jayrope
    #20 – not available due to technical error
    #19 – Unter vorübergehend beständigem Hoch – hosted by samtbody
    #18 – Monofied forest work – hosted by tales from the wood & der urkunde
    #17 – Sapphire Afternoon – hosted by jayrope with Madeleine Peel
    #16 – The back of the eyelid – hosted by jayrope & Samantha
    #15 – Vogelwarte
    #14 – Eisloch
    #13 – Rue des malefices

    #12 – Study of passage
    #11 – Blumenzigaretteneis – hosted by jayrope & Lippstueck
    #10 – Complex miniminerals – hosted by jayrope
    #9 – Obsolete strategies – hosted by Laika Jona & Silent Bob
    #8 – Pseudo-Scottish synth music with Tati Shookooh – hosted by jayrope & Lippstueck
    #7 – Data stick
    #6 – A title saying nothing
    #5 – Julio Cortázar, Joshua Abrams, Polaroids and Genot Centre
    #4 – Noise/Punk vs. Dub/Reggae
    #3 – Ej Bekot & Art- oder Unverwandtes
    #2 – Dekorder & […]
    #1 – Blauholz & Henry Marcuse

    #0 – Cassettes are not just gadgets? Kinship Records & siblings
    #-1 – Back in the studio with Air Cushion Finish

    DJs & program idea
    Shows on Cashmere Radio are usually hosted by jayrope and/or Lippstueck.
    We have a very eclectic music approach in general, with additional radio art, poetry readings, audio collages and live appearances by fellow artists.

    Guest DJs include Birdkeeper, FS Blummbastic, Ixelonkoordinate, Laika Jona, Samantha, Silent Bob.

    Other irregular sporadic broadcasts straight from the camp can be listened to on Mixlr.
    All shows are also on Mixcloud.

    Note: The Cashmere broadcast page is to be preferred. Both Mixlr and Mixcloud are tracking users and diminish player functionality against free and anonymous listeners.

    Fighting user tracking not just on radio sites
    Surfing on Android or a Laptop? You can shut a whole lot of tracking off with one single add-on called Privacy Badger by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (…a leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.)
    More info and download from here.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

    Disappeared? The Anarchist Library

    by Jane is K.O.

    Find a list of mirror servers below in case the Anarchist Library has disappeared (hopefully just changing servers again)

    Bastard archive

    Recent Reddit thread about the passing of Aragorn!

    kliklak.net are not involved into these libraries. They have been originally set up by Aragorn!, who passed away on Feb. 13th, 2020. That explains the downtime of the library. However, we have put this info here now as well, because it sometimes seems, that more and more authoritarian yet “Western” governments are secretly trying to shut down sources of information, which promote the self-sufficiency of the human being.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

    Clever music radio 2020

    by Jane is K.O.

    Here are a few high end FM + web radio stations to change your sad, spotified, musical background universe from “whatever runs” to

    “this is incredible!!”.

    Stations below inspire us every day. They don’t support the daft mainstream, are usually non-commercial and independently run. Donate to them, if you like their services.

    Online radios are sometimes using services like Mixcloud, Mixlr, Soundcloud etc. Those stations might still appear, but rather at the list end and with much less description, because we have no respect for their technological unawareness. Using services that profit from unhindered tracking of user behaviour while offering sketchy “pro” memberships, only to enable proper functioning, seems highly questionable.

    List ordered by gusto.
    Click 🔊 to listen right away.

    🔊 Radio Mulot
    Experimental, underground, avantgarde, radio art, contemporary, noncommercial, no moderation.
    This entirely not-so-legal French underground radio station has broadcasted since the end of the 1990s, also on FM. But we only recently found it, and are AMAZED at their selection of tastes and quality work.
    They run 24/7. If radio slowly creeps into your phone universe, because Spotify only sells you the most common demonimator, then you have a solution to improving your cultural being right at your finger tip.
    Last played tracks
    Bandcamp for radio supporters

    🔊 SFSound
    Contemporary composition and similar genres, no moderation.
    This radio from the SF bay area broadcasts contemporary acoustic, electro-acoustic or electronic music works.
    Brilliant, no moderation. You could almost call it composer’s radio. If you never heard of Eliane Radigue, Monte Young, György Ligeti or Delia Derbyshire you will get to know them here, though these are among the oldest works SFSound are broadcasting. There’s a wealth of really new music and similar sounding genres here. Bay area composition makes a big part of that as well. And: They are not afraid of harmonies, despite all the atonal stuff. You’ll be surprised, what music offers beyond money making and stardom.
    Last played tracks

    🔊 Cashmere Radio
    Community run, radio art, experimental and club music, political, independent, partly moderated.
    50++ show hosts from Berlin are broadcasting here in multiple languages. Their regular broadcasts already cover loads of different music tastes and from all over the planet. Plus a multitude of special guest shows and collaborations with other radios. This is a very diverse place, always open to new expertise and ideas. Most broadcasts are live from the studio. Those yet don’t show track titles. However they are archived some days later (then run in between live broadcasts) and usually also have a tracklist then, depending on the show hosts.
    Archived shows here.
    Partly on regional FM.
    Our friends of Biesentales Radio also have a show there, you can find all of them either listed locally or here including tracklistings.
    Note: Mixcloud players use user tracking.

    🔊 WFMU
    The mothership, listener financed, any style, moderated
    It’s almost odd to list WFMU so far down on this list. The multitude of musical wisdom, talk radio and political braodcasting from Brooklyn is so rich, we can’t ever hope to pay back other than by donating each year again. Also on regional FM.

    Corax Radio Radioart
    Radio art on Leipzig’s Corax Radio.

    This shall be enough for now, however expect this list to get longer over time.

    We’re happy to hear your suggestions for other stations on the comments below.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com