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    Biesentales Radio

    by Jane is K.O.

    Biesentales are music makers and DJs from a beautiful place near Berlin.
    Their mostly stress-free moods result into web music casts since some years now.
    This is relaxed Exploration Radio made by music lovers, free from style fashism…

    Listen past shows on Cashmere Radio.

    For direct access Biesentales’ regular monthly broadcasts are listed below. If you also want to follow irregular and rather sporadic broadcasts straight from the camp itself see this Mixlr site.
    All shows can be found as well on Mixcloud.

    Mixcloud as well as Mixlr mostly feed from tracking their users like crazy, hence using the Cashmere broadcast page is definately to be preferred.
    See how to fight user tracking at end of this page.

    Past regular Biesentales shows
    #21 – Wind bends tree
    #20 – not available
    #19 – Unter vorübergehend beständigem Hoch
    #18 – Monofied forest work
    #17 – Sapphire Afternoon
    #16 – The back of the eyelid
    #15 – Vogelwarte
    #14 – Eisloch
    #13 – Rue des malefices
    #12 – Study of passage
    #11 – Blumenzigaretteneis
    #10 – Complex miniminerals
    #9 – Obsolete strategies
    #8 – Pseudo-Scottish synth music with Tati Shookooh
    #7 – Data stick
    #6 – A title saying nothing
    #5 – Julio Cortázar, Joshua Abrams, Polaroids and Genot Centre
    #4 – Noise/Punk vs. Dub/Reggae
    #3 – Ej Bekot & Art- oder Unverwandtes
    #2 – Dekorder & […]
    #1 – Blauholz & Henry Marcuse
    #0 – Cassettes are not just gadgets? Kinship Records & siblings
    #-1 – Back in the studio with Air Cushion Finish

    DJs & program idea
    Shows on Cashmere Radio are uually hosted by jayrope & Lippstueck.
    The programme focuses on radio art, poetry presentations from books and contributors, audio collages etc., all within favourite every-style music of Planet Earth.

    Guest DJs include Birdkeeper, FS Blummbastic, Laika Jona, Samantha, Silent Bob.

    Fighting user tracking not just on radio sites
    Surfing on Android or a Laptop? You can shut a whole lot of tracking off with one single add-on called “Privacy Badger” by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (…a leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.)
    More info and download from here.
    Note, that lots of Social Media sites track you anywhere, if you don’t log out after using them.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

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