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    kliklak.net was always here for parallel universal music & will remain so.

    However, from early March 2020 on any website you go to has changed.
    Artist Ian Alan Paul hast put in words, what’s happening at the greater stage now, and where our chances are. Read here, reflect and act with fairness and humanity.

    Also read: Chaos Computer Club on contact tracing

    Practical tips
    • Learn and teach [regarded safe] distance: Spread your arms.
    • Sew your own mask, pdf here.
    • Fight fake news, have competence using media/news



    Kliklak’s jayrope has three new albums out, two of them with music for dance/perfomance arts.
    Any cloud is bigger than you is a beautiful thought in one stream from 2019.
    Everyday Activities is a dive into abstract and everyday sounds mad for dance.
    Cucalito is a more linear work for a dance version of “One flew over the cucckoo’s nest”.


    P.S.: Try running three players at the same time.


    Air Cushion Finish’s last vinyl album “Flink”, recorded + mixed at Hotel2Tango/Montreal, is avail. on double 12” vinyl on Lullabies for Insomniacs. International customers may order here, Berliners and concert visitors are welcome to buy from ACF directly.

    All ACF albums

    ‘Offering something akin to inserting a tape head in your nasal cavity and running a spool across it and thru your ears’ […] ‘There’s no way we’re going to sum it up in words.’
    ‘Hypnotic chants, whisperings, screams soaked into lot of filters and electronica. Under virtuoso guitar rhythms. It’s a really magical musical realism […]’
    ‘A provocation to not take yourself too seriously.’

    And there is ABCDEARBUDS, Air Cushion Finish’s latest digital release of 2019.


    Silver Apricot are a mimetic superweapon in contemporary dance.

    Silver Apricot on Bandcamp


    Find all released music here plus 6 hours of mastered bootlegs on aircushionfinish.com.

    Here’s a recent live set of jayrope & Suetszu (Barcelona) straight from Biesentales streaming radio, enjoy*

    Vedette’s “I slept moments for you” is available on Bandcamp.

    Here´s a video:

    Television Workshop album “It’s in to die inside” means minimal noise rock, post rock, no rock, simple electric guitar classics.

    Infamous no jazz players Kimmo Elomaa were sleeping for quite some time now, however, their tremendous improvisations on drums and live electronics have finally made it up on Bandcamp aswell.

    All of those and most of other kliklak’s Echtzeitmusik can be found now on the ever-evolving downloads page. ENJOY

    PRINZENALLEE: Don’t let nerds take over your life.
    Don’t let them.

    10-track album on CD and 10”-vinyl and available via Endemik Music, Montreal for Americanos. Europeans better go here.

    Real collectors will want to get the Japanese special 14-track version from Granma Music.