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    -<> here for parallel universal music. Changing (listening) habits helps societal reboot? Could have been.

    Air Cushion Finish album <li>zwing</li> (May 23) is a live (church) recording from Berlin’s Zwinglikirche. ACF discussed profoundly before, how they could avoid to unwillingly speak the “voice of god” in a room built upon the sweat & health of numerous workers, whose names are forgotten today.
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    jayrope’s latest album Hyper City Garden (June 23) is the result of 2 1/2 years of research on percussion and live processing. The album commemorates Barcelona’s artist space Marina 122, where parts were recorded. 9 tracks mainly have rhythm and diy electronics argueing with one another, often fighting for their lives just like the inhabitants of said artist space in the months before the city authorities started demolishing this inspiring place.
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    jayrope’s musical R&D constantly changes / open.audio


    Air Cushion Finish’s double 12” FLINK, recorded & mixed at Hotel2Tango/Montreal, for Lullabies for Insomniacs. turns out to be their most succesful album yet. The vinyl is near sold out, however concert visitors are welcome to buy from ACF directly or digital below.

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    ‘Offering something akin to inserting a tape head in your nasal cavity and running a spool across it and thru your ears’ […] ‘There’s no way we’re going to sum it up in words.’
    ‘Hypnotic chants, whisperings, screams soaked into lot of filters and electronica. Under virtuoso guitar rhythms. It’s a really magical musical realism […]’
    ‘A provocation to not take yourself too seriously.’

    ACF videos


    Infamous no-jazz players Kimmo Elomaa have released their album RAW on CD. To order this you’d have to go to their Bandcamp page and send them an email from there. Oh wait, they do have a website. Same procedure.


    Here’s a recent live set of jayrope & Suetszu (Barcelona) straight from Biesentales streaming radio, enjoy*


    More Tips

    Vedette’s “I slept moments for you” is available on Bandcamp.


    Note: Due to Bandcamp players’ unconsented use of Google Analytics we won’t use them here & so refer you to jayrope`s discography page for most of kliklak releases. -> Enjoy – and if they fix this, we fix it, too.


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