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  • Repair: Vestax DDG-1 mechanical parts

    by Jane is K.O.

    Vestax Corporation, Japan, 1977-2014.
    Wikipedia entry

    Info hopefully will save you some time repairing your DDG-1. Comments are appreciated. Thanx very much.

    Vestax Japan is dead and a DDG-1 service manual is nowhere near in 2019. I have two mid 1990s Vestax DDG-1 delays here, which need new potentiometers and switches.

    Simply FYI you’ll find below, what i could read from opening the device.

    DDG-1 MECHANICAL PARTS (upper board)
    Potentiometers in red, switches in green and blue.

    Original Potentiometers
    5x ALPS, Japan – RK11K114 or RK11K113 (no bushing) series
    • 4-pin (pin4 is a dummy)
    • 0.05W
    • vertical type
    • shaft length 25mm (delay time) – 27.5mm (all others), diameter 6mm, D-type
    • with bushing (shaft hole in front plate must be 9(.5) mm to mount with washer/nut (M9)).
    Pots with bushing are better, potentially protecting the shaft more from getting bent.

    Potentiometer values out of board – VR1-VR5 (red rings in image above)

    DELAY TIME 0.5×-2x
    VR1 = 11k lin (=10K)
    VR2 = 470k lin (=500K) – used a 1M here, good for me, but you have to work by ear.
    VR3 = 5.6k lin (=5K)
    VR4 = 20k log – used a 50K lin here, getting more feedback.
    VR5 = 100k lin

    Potentiometer variations (mostly unchecked yet)
    VR1 • Alps RK11K1140A23 (25mm shaft only)
    Replacement Bourns PTV111 no bushing
    Replacement BI Technologies/TT Electronics – P110KH-0F20BR10K
    Product info @Alps
    VR2 • ALPS 27.5mm?? Taking a 3-pin RK09
    VR3 #1 Marshall pot SKU 51667 … more expensive here
    VR4 • ALPS 27.5mm?? Use 100K with 33k in parallel
    VR5 • RK11K114F30C0B104 (30mm) – i took a 3-pin RK09D1130-F25-C0-A104 instead – Alternatives: Reichelt.de short shaftMouser.de 30mm center detent ALPS RK11K1140A72 ONLY 20mm

    Search on Aliexpress
    Check Bourns PTV111
    Check BI Technologies/TT Electronics P110KH

    Conclusions: ALPS RK11K114 don’t use pin 4 and have plastic shafts (bad).
    I used 3-pin 9mm ALPS RK09 pots for VR2 and VR5, as original parts or suitable 4-pin replacements weren’t available. 3-pin pot legs still fit into the board holes. Pins connect to board soldered to a bit of extra wire in between.
    It looks hmmm, but works well and is stable…

    Rotary switch 5-pole ALPS, shaft length 15 mm – SRBV variations
    • SW1 – similar to SRBV150901 (15mm shaft, works). Mouser.de
    Note, that the SRBV150901 of 2019 has it’s D-shaft rotation turned to the right by approx 60 degrees, so the white line on the original knob doesn’t match the print on the front plate.

    Toggle switches
    SS1- SS3 seem rather hard to find.
    The original part looks like this. I also found this Chinese supplier link, but i don’t want to order 100 pieces ;) This could work as well.

    ALPS resistance tapers – pdf
    How to check the taper
    How to measure ALPS shaft length
    About knobs and shafts

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

    1. — Alex    25 May 2020    #

      Hi Jay, Big DDG fan too. Also changing parts now. PIC still offers those switches.

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