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    Open-source (social) media platforms listed below don’t track you, have no ads and don’t use AI to pre-filter content. This is user-respecting. But you’ll have to filter the content yourself for what you’d like to see. Everyone may post there incl. people you don’t like, posting things you don’t want to read or see. This is ultimately democratic and user-enabling.
    As “human quality” isn’t always the best, most instances and the majority of users have and share common policies against xenophobic, racist, militarist, fake news etc. content, effectively mostly blocking this content from federation already.

    In the following you’ll find some options from the Fediverse, a network of 1000s of individually operated, interconnected instances using the same software and the same protocol (activity.pub that is).

    Mastodon – a Twitter-like text- and image-based platform with a higher word limit.
    We’re on Mastodon: Air Cushion FinishjayropeBiesentales

    Funkwhale – a Soundcloud alternative, incl. downloads & audio players to share.
    We’re on Funkwhale: jayrope

    Peertube – a Youtube alternative, incl. downloads & video players to share.
    Our (music) videos on Peertube: Air Cushion Finishropinsky

    Bandcamp – does use Google Analytics. BC is listed here, because it is the only music selling platform that pays out 85+% of the proceeds to the artist (another 4% are processing fees to PeyPel).

    -> Use Firefox. Disable common tracking in your browser with eff.org’s Privacy Badger