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  • Open source social media


    Open-source (social) media software & platforms (instances) listed here are part of the _Fediverse_, a network of 10000s of individually operated, interconnected servers using same protocols (activity.pub, Zot6, Diaspora) to interconnect.

    No user tracking.
    No advertisement.
    No filtered content.

    Everyone may post there incl. people you might not like.
    Filter content according to your needs.
    You can host your own social media and own your data.
    Most servers/instances & the majority of users share common policies against xenophobic, racist, militarist, fake news etc. content, effectively mostly blocking such dropouts from federation already.

    Hubzilla – the luxury version of self-hosted social media
    We’re there: Air Cushion FinishjayropeBiesentales

    Friendica – another luxury version

    Mastodon – a Twitter-like text- and image-based platform with a higher word limit.

    Funkwhale – a Soundcloud alternative, incl. downloads & audio players to share.
    We’re on Funkwhale: jayrope

    Peertube – a Youtube alternative, incl. downloads & video players to share.
    Our (music) videos on Peertube: Air Cushion Finishropinsky

    Apps are available, but not needed:

    -> Use Firefox. Disable common tracking in FF (and Chrome) made easy with add-ons like eff.org’s Privacy Badger & Decentraleyes (install both). Ublock Origin for advanced blocking.


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