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  • Repair: TC Ditto x2 footswitches

    by Jane is K.O.

    TC Electronics’ Ditto loopers oftenly show faulty footswitches.
    I have three Ditto x2. All of them have the switch problem.
    The chronical & much discussed issue occurs with some other TCE pedals as well.
    TC Electronics don’t seem to do much about it.

    Broken unit on left, repaired on right

    Obviously, when pedals fail you’d repair them rather then buying them again.
    See below, how to put new footswitches into your Ditto x2. The procedure should work with original Ditto and x4, too.

    Obviouly: You do this at your own risk and will probably void existing warranty. You should
    • put soft fabric under the main board, when placing on hard/edged surfaces.
    • don’t touch components with hot or magnetic things.
    • always use a decent soldering iron with a small tip suitable for board components.

    - a soldering iron, solder.
    - a large tip flat head screwdriver to remove nuts around the top of the footswitches. Turn nuts to the left.
    - a torx 10 hexagonal screwdriver. 4 torx screws in bottom plate & 1 inside (at center, put back in during soldreing to stabilize board).
    - rear side audio plugs need to nuts and washers loosened.
    - two momentary replacement switches, non latching, normally off, and fitting an M12 or 15/32 UNS thread. Important: The diameter of their bottom part must not exceed the diameter of the through hole in the pedal case by more than a millimeter, otherwise they’ll not find enough available space inside.

    Repair time approx. 10-15 mins.

    I am using Lehle Switch Buttons as replacements.
    They’re costly, prewired, hopefully sturdy. Most importantly they fit into the limited space underneath. Some Arcade buttons could work, too.
    Hack: You need to reverse the order of nuts on Lehle switches. Leave the hexagonal nut on the switch before inserting, tighten later with the round nut from inside.

    That’s it..
    My soldering skills are less than mediocre, so i’m happy, that original TC buttons on board may stay in place.
    Good luck fixing your broken Ditto looper yourself.
    See end of article for more resources.


    Open pedal with soldered new switches. Polarity doesn’t matter.


    Electrical insulation tape on solder points keeps cables in place to relieve stress, when device is moved.

    Lehle Switch button product page
    Lehle Switch button for small Ditto – video
    Ditto using Arcade button
    Repair Flashback x4 using original switches as replacements – video

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

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