• transparent tattoo on your forehead
  • text effusions in music and poetry

    Clever music radio 2022

    Disappeared? The Anarchist Library

    Kurt Tucholsky - Der Mensch (1931)

    Musik, die den Hörer bezahlt.

    Wunderbaustelle released for the 3rd time

    Ars Electronica 2007 - Siren

    Can - Mushroom (Tago Mago)

    Max Roach dies at 83

    Sun Ra 1980 live / solo

    Blaine L. Reininger - Tuxedomoon

    Vincent Bergeron

    new hardman bros album online ( for free)


    Killick / Athens, Georgia, US

    Turkish music underground does exist!

    Umor Records // Mexico

    The Sighs / "Peregrinations" out end of 11/2006

    Silver Jackson // Alaska

    Prettyness vs. depth 1

    Goldmund Festival reviewed 1

    Wolf Biermann????

    Rope: 21.07.06 back for 1 show


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