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  • Vincent Bergeron

    by Jane is K.O.

    Vincent Bergeron changes music forever. There is hope, ha!

    I tend to have about just one real music obsession per year.

    Last year’s Number ONE was VEDETTE, who are still among my absolute favs forever, for their depth, modernity, obsessed kind of being out-of-sync, singer Neil Carlill’s style and poetic massiveness, originality and psychedelia included, not to forget:

    Vedette changed the world of music forever, and to the good side: heavy inspiration involved.
    You’ll find them in my top friends.

    Among the candidates of 2007 there is some already, which i’ll mention in detail later, now i’d like to start with VINCENT BERGERON. The not even 30 year old modern composer from France Canada fell into my system via the Wire’s announcement list and i keep going back to his myspace page every few days now…

    [ Click the image to go there ]

    ... as he gives me hope.

    Hope, because he permanently changes my view on the outlooks of modern, listenable – but not dumb – music right now.
    He is fast, but without a neurotic feel to it.
    He is strange, but in a very understandable way.
    He is versatile, but doesn’t bore with celebration of technical excellence.
    He fantasizes heavily, but not as a (neo-) hippie (sorry folks, juar juar).
    He doesn’t imitate, he learns, he’s a medium for the FORCE.
    He is educated, but not brain addicted.
    He’s easy going, in other words: cool.
    His aims are seriously fusing modern classical, so called new music, pop, electronic, jazz and vocal influences resulting in neither style,
    but leading to a kind of supermodern chamber music on steroids, displaying the grandeur of concentration and relaxedness.
    He is no slave to hip trends, he KNOWS them.
    His style is original, hopefully never will someone find a hip word for it like “acousmatic” or crap like that. (sorry to be cursing, it is fun).
    He loves (solo) string instruments (me, too), slide guitars…. ah i could go on forever.


    Oh oh oh.
    You like or you not.
    Discussion of such matter is appreciated below.
    If there is humor, then there is hope, as it is with Vincent Bergeron’s work itself.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

    1. Vincent Bergeron    10 August 2007    #

      Once again, I’m from Québec (Canada), not France (somebody said, there is no hell, just France, I would not say that, but…). Nice surprise to read about me…doesn’t happen so often outside of the myspace server.

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