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  • Parallel universal music?


    Originally we had coined the term parallel universal music to ironically distinct our own music approach from one seeking for profit, fame or representation. We’d like to explore freely and actually talk about music itself. So some of the artists mntioned might have a tendency to disappear behind their work.

    Yet we are here as well to network about music, and in a user-friendly way.

    We’ll tend not to lure you into profit-seeking platforms (Spotify, Itunes, Google Music, Youtube, Facebook etc.), much preferring sites supporting you & us, like Bandcamp, Mastodon, Funkwhale, Peertube.

    Today more than ever artists have a big reponsibility in not turning themselves into technical vehicles of profit-generation. Instead we’ve to set positive examples by using free, open-source, safe and human-friendly social media, that you can also work with yourself.