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    by Jane is K.O.

    For a long time professional sound producers have sold their collections on various – just a normal money-making business.
    Personally i favour a give and give back kind of affair over profit thoughts, it’s more fun (or fun at all) and you meet more people and they show their nicer sides.

    Lots of people are having fun recording all kinds of stuff today – and I am very used to do my own field recordings mainly for my own music work.
    But then for one you can’t always get sounds from Siberia, when you need to. And really this approach best goes well, when many collect their own recordings in one space.

    Go and check out http://www.freesound.org. – respect to this great idea.
    You’ll find great variety in recordings from places professionals don’t ever get to. Your bathroom etc. The quality varies from mp3 phone recordings to highly professional 24bit-recordings and edits, most of them never to be found in commercial archives (besides, when somebody downloads and resells them, but hey, humans do those things.)

    My own sounds there partly originate from contributions to productions i have worked for, so i am keeping a certain minimum quality to this. My sounds are licensed under the CC Attribution Noncommercial License.
    Use for commercial purposes is not permitted, edited or not, but free to use otherwise as long as you credit me. I do this to encourage communication between me and other artists and to prevent sole money making business from working legally with what they get for free.


    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

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