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  • The Sighs / "Peregrinations" out end of 11/2006

    by Jane is K.O.

    The 5th EP of the Sighs, called Trawl originally came out autumn 2005 on handmade CDr limited to 50 pieces. It’ll now officially be released again, mastered by Mark Bihler and incl. 8 remixes, helped by Berlin’s exquisite mini label Blank Rec.

    That’s the cover of the original CDr.

    The new edition will be called “Peregrinations” & will feature the original “Trawl” EP plus 8 remixes of Matt Elliott, Manyfingers, Like Plankton for the Elephant, Knowledge of Bugs, White Buildings, Marten Rux, the Authorities and jayrope.


    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

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