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  • Turkish music underground does exist!

    by Jane is K.O.

    (Note that this article is from 2006)

    I recently discovered, that there’s a solution to the Turkish imitations of already retarded Western mainstream music: a VERY new, original and brilliant underground scene.
    I didn’t even know it existed. Following the outlines of many of my neighbors in the rather low profiled area of Berlin-Wedding i was assuming, that Turkey has mostly a very numb RnB or house imitating music scene, among some Arabian influenced (they’d hate me for that) Jazz or so.

    I was wrong, discovered this on Murdochspace again. And talked a lot with Murat Fos of “Stop it, you are killing me” from Izmir (see links below).
    So I learned for instance, that it is almost impossible for a small Turkish music band or project to release an album selforganized.
    Authorities seem to require to applicate first for them to officially “permit” to release something.

    Even if they like it (or think it doesn’t hurt) and receive a veritable bribe one’s getting to the next barrier:
    There’s almost no CD manufacturers in Turkey and manufacturing is expensive aswell. Not to speak of the very lack of music infrastructure like labels, promoters, bookers or media, which would work for their own underground.
    It’s all pretty cheesy instead and fucked up.

    Conditions like this demand a proper reaction.
    Here’s my current favourites:

    Bedroomdrunk – almost greater than Sonic Youth. Listen to “Porcelain Fries”…

    Stop It You’re Killing Me – originally surreal playfulness, in kind of an “Anne Laplantine-style” – listen to “Daisy Me…”

    Exhausted Animals Orchestra
    pretty funny!

    In between
    the real punk thing, almost like DNA

    Change of plans
    great postrockish noisy band in the fashion of Bedroomdrunk.

    Girls with bad legs totally trash. absurd as hell.

    To be expanded.
    Oh and: what do you know about it? I’d be pleased to hear your suggestions!

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

    1. Jane Is Ko    23 May 2015    #

      Anne, this article is from 2006, and most of those bands and musicians were found on Myspace at the time. For one those profiles might not exist anymore, and i doubt, that Turkish media plays those things. Etkin Cekin of Acud in Berlin might be a good person to ask otherwise.

    2. — anne d    23 May 2015    #

      what are some turkish radio stations that play songs like these?

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