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  • Umor Records // Mexico

    by Jane is K.O.

    A very interesting label starts up momentarily from the vast industrial areas of Bologna, Mexico: Umor Records, with a bang and a bloody howl.

    Yet a netlabel they are releasing the most seducing, sparse, pataphysical music of artists
    -Airport Studies
    -Alejandro Morse
    -Cagey House
    -Drugs Made Me Smarter
    -Felix Building
    -Jonathan Coward
    -Les Enfant Bastard
    -Molloy and his bike / album info & download
    -Tank Battalion Attack
    -The Doldrums
    some of which you’d know if you knew who they are. Arrgh.

    You will find out all the details yourself, I just try to tell you now, that you will regret it, if you don’t. Umor Rex’s website hast loads of wonderfully designed info on a modern forefront of the absurd abstract soulful. It’s gonna be bloody interesting!

    Too bad, they are on Murdochspace aswell.

    Jane is K.O. aka jayrope is a Berlin-based composer, producer and musician.
    More info: jayrope.com

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