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    Air Cushion Finish @ Frühperle, Berlin

    Date: 11.02.2011 / 20:00
    Location: Frühperle in Berlin
    Entry fee: 3 Euro (estimate).

    Live programme starts at 22h on time.
    UPDATE: ACF CAN NOT PLAY DUE TO “things”, however many others will, see below.

    Rauschendes Fest. Wald und Wiese, (then half 72) jayrope, (then half 90) Irene (age unknown) and eventually some others will have an exhilarating birthday party together.
    It might even be splendid!
    We’ll show Themroc, but without sound. :) Yeah.
    Bring your own food, moods, flowers, towers, presents and friends.
    There’ll be tasty wine, extraordinary live music (many little things) and DJs for the late night.
    Contributors LIVE: Golden Diskoship, Gatis Silde, Anton Caligula Maiof, Lukas Lonski, Felix Classen, jayrope
    DJS: Kick’n‘Rush (Leipzig/Schubladenkonsortium), Joe Le Taxi, Wald und Wiese, Chez Mieke, Falko Teichmann
    Are you coming? Leave a reply below.

    Frühperle is located at Boddinstr. 57A., Berlin.
    ( U-Bahn : U8 Boddinstr. or U7 Rathaus Neukölln)




    1. — Britta    31 January 2011    #

      Na klar!

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