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    Air Cushion Finish @ Eschschloraque, Berlin

    Date: 20.12.2007 / 21:00
    Location: Eschschloraque in Berlin
    Entry fee: 3 Euro (estimate).

    air cushion finish 2007Air Cushion Finish is the Berliner jayrope, riding the jellyfish and sticking the head into the sun, only on prepared baritone guitar, vocals and processing electronics.

    Now drastically less melancholic, more acoustic noise rock on fast forward and very song-vocal-based compared to the music on his Myspace site – but it’ll get you an idea of last winter’s start of this, nevertheless.

    The music is stand-up songwritten, emerging from scratch, folk-noise varying from hyperspeed to slow motion, surreal & kind of dada, purposedly escaping form whenever it starts to exercise itself.
    Pataphysical rock, Ursonate for emotional porn.

    jayrope is also part of ‘Berlin’s best live band’ (reboot.fm) Girls United, the future folk duo The Sighs, the death pop duo Touchdonttouch, the acoustic noise duo Television Workshop and the extreme physical jazz bash Kimmo Elomaa, all to be found on this website. Klik the kliklak on top.


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