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    Air Cushion Finish @ Gallerie Artillerie, Berlin

    Date: 08.11.2009 / 16:00
    Location: Gallerie Artillerie in Berlin
    Entry fee: zero Euro (estimate).

    Air Cushion Finish at another exhibition opening in Berlin, providing long mind turns on low volume.

    Gallerie Artillerie is located at Exerzierstraße 10, Berlin-Wedding.



    DRAWN IN – The Comic Jam / Curated by Alexandra Lazar

    Saturday, 7th November – Sunday, 8th November
    Open participation: Sunday, 8th November from 4 to 7 p.m.

    Artillerie is proud to announce its Comic Jam with international comic artists Beldan Sezen (Amsterdam), Helena Janecic (Croatia) and IF (Berlin).

    For the duration of two days, the artists, who have never previously met, will work in condensed and improvised collaboration to create a comic style story in one long jamming session. The drawings created on Saturday will be hung on the walls right away, thus the exhibition process will become an incidental story-performance in itself.

    The jam will further continue on Sunday, when artists will be joined by musicians Air Cushion Finish who will create a live sound collage around the ambiental noise of Artillerie before condensing it into a full-blown gig later that evening.

    The Jam will be open to public on Sunday 8 November, so you can come along and join in. You’re welcome to bring your own brushes and pens for a day of fun, lines, blobs, sketches and great music. The session is free but bring some spare change as there’ll be plenty of amazing nibbles, drinks and affordable homemade art for sale!

    The artworks will stay on exhibition until 1st December.
    Starting 17th November, opening times are Tuesdays and Fridays, 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. Other viewings by appointment.

    Check out the ACF here: http://myspace.com/madeinusb or http://kliklak.net/aircushionfinish

    More about the artists:

    Beldan Sezen is a freelance artist based in Amsterdam who makes drawings, paintings, cartoons and directs short animation films which have been part of group and solo exhibitions in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Cologne. www.beldansezen.com

    Helena Janecic is a painter and comic artist based in Croatia. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and Furman University, USA, she went on to create the comic hero Hornydyke, pastoral paintings of Slavonic lesbians (“Snase”, Zagreb 2008) and many other projects.

    IF Land is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist, graduated from the Munich University of Fine Arts in 2005. Her work has been exhibited, amongst others, in New York, Mexico City, Vienna and, most recently, Stockholm. www.if-land.com

    Alexandra Lazar is a freelance artist, writer and curator based in London and Berlin. Her passion for drawing and collaborative activism naturally led to this show.

    artillerie is an interdisciplinary arts venue committed to experimentation in visual arts, performance, film, literature and music. Located in Berlin’s gritty yet vibrant Wedding district, artillerie is a project run by a non-profit group of art activists and volunteers.

    For more information, contact Hektor Peljak at 030 715 30 702 /



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