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    Air Cushion Finish @ Schokoladen, Berlin

    Date: 11.01.2007 / 20:00
    Location: Schokoladen in Berlin
    Entry fee: 5 Euro (estimate).

    Songs of green houses, female stalkers, tomatoes and red wine buddies.

    jayrope, with Corduroy Cosmic, 21:00, January 11, 2007, placed between the girls.

    Prelisten Air Cushion Finish here

    - original info –

    M:Soundtrack presents 1st show of the year thursday January 11th in Schokoladen berlin mitte: AVA & THE HAWKLINE MONSTER (paris-berlin) + MARZIPAN MARZIPAN (italia/berlin) + AIR CUSHION FINISH a.k.a jayrope, the sighs (berlin via figi) an evening of artists who love writers, jellyfish who like sunshine, and humans who walk on streets, faces, smells and things that will never be as before. all of them who in turn dedicate themselves to spreading the word with whatever is at hand, blips beeps guitar garage band cardboard and drummachines…they sing songs that one moment kling like a broken carney..blues for being happy..cowgirls, songs for growing tomatoes and a neighborhood boom in overprocreation per sq.mile. This is a new Year.we may have found the key. listen.

    Ava and the Hawkline Monster believes in cardboard. She plays cardboard
    instruments bass, doublebass, guitar and piano. Ava sings songs in French, English
    and German about anti-chivalry, overwhelming natality, disgusting heartbreaks,
    and Attention Deficit Disorder. The Hawkline Monster keeps an eye on it all. http://www.myspace.com/avaandthehawklinemonster

    Marzipan Marzipan is currently one-woman band. I play with electric guitar, loops, multi effect pedal, vocals, sometimes tiny casio and drum machine. I like the type of things that turn bones to glass, contrappunto, perpetual astonishment and sense of humour. http://www.myspace.com/marzipanmarzipan

    Air Cushion Finish influences: dang dang dangs / tomatoes / girlfriends / kids / other umoristic friends / hering in sweet sour cream sauce / le vin de bordeaux / coffee / coffee / coffee / additive free tobacco / bell sounding metal rear sides of drummachines no longer in use (xbase 09) he is otherwise known in certain circles in certain places as.. jayrope or one part “the sighs” http://myspace.com/madeinusb

    Schokoladen Mitte * Ackerstr. 169 ecke Torstr. * U8 Rosenthalerstr. * 030 282 6527
    http://www.myspace.com/schokoladen * http://www.schokoladen-mitte.de



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