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AT-Saalfelden, jayrope for System Distortion @ Jazzfest 2

Date: 23.08.2002 / 16:00
Location: Jazzfest in AT-Saalfelden
Entry fee: expensive shit Euro (estimate).

Second show, opening the large stage.
Martin Koller’s System Distortion featuring Jojo Mayer, Jesse Murphy, jayrope, Martin Koller.

jayrope at Jazzfest Saalfelden, Aug., 23, 2002

The year after i was hoping to get there again, but Martin was the connected guy in the first place already.
It was anyways weird again, how em professional jazzers hung out there. In the backstage of the bigger octoberfest type of stage there was only Jess Murphy and me playing folksongs for the staff all day long. Most other musicians seems pretty over the top tour lagged or whatever way uninterested. Jesse looked like friendly Austin slacker, he played awesomly fat bass stuff and then there was mademoiselle Maria, the lady who only was in charge of organising artist transports.
Very stressful job, but handled in a very smart and relaxed way. Overall the festival staff there was the opposite of anyone here at Jazzfest: relaxed, helpful, friendly, interested. Great place to make friends.


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