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    AT-Saalfelden, jayrope for System Distortion @ Jazzfest 2

    Date: 23.08.2002 / 16:00
    Location: Jazzfest in AT-Saalfelden
    Entry fee: expensive shit Euro (estimate).

    Second show, opening the large stage.
    Martin Koller’s System Distortion featuring Jojo Mayer, Jesse Murphy, jayrope, Martin Koller.

    The year after i was hoping to get there again, but Martin was the connected guy in the first place already – and jayrope didn’t have anything new to offer.
    However, it’s been awkward already, how professional jazzers ‘hung out’ there. In the backstage of the bigger Oktoberfest-type of stage there was only Jess Murphy and me playing folksongs for the staff all day long. Most other musicians seemed very tour-lagged or generally uninterested. Jesse looked like a friendly Austin slacker, he played awesome and fat bass stuff and then there was a great mademoiselle by the name of Maria, who simply oversaw all artist transports
    Very stressful job for her, but handled in a very smart and relaxed way. Overall the festival staff there was phantastic: relaxed, helpful, friendly, interested. Great place to make friends.


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