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    Berlin, Kimmo Elomaa @ Jazzkeller

    Date: 21.02.2002 / 21:00
    Location: Jazzkeller Treptow in Berlin
    Entry fee: 5 Euro (estimate).

    … tomorrow will bring the first public appearance of:

    (mild example)

    Kimmo Elomaa is a duo of jayrope(electroNIX) and michael griener
    (drums/vibraphone) and has miraculously won the berlin jazzprize in
    whatever that means. at least it doesn´t mean jazz. fortunately…,-)
    Kimmo Elomaa`s 1st release will soon be available also.

    Please bring your friends.
    We´ll listen to some hawaaiian music from the end of the 20`s in the
    pause between sets and probably remix them right then… ausserdem habe
    ich: geburtstag – freunde kommt vorbei. der laden ist angenehm
    fuerchterlich :-))))


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