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Berlin, Rope @ Trompete

Date: 21.07.2006 / 22:00
Location: Trompete in DE-Berlin
Entry fee: 7 Euro (estimate).

Rope supports Alias (Anticon Rec.)
featuring Nico Lippolis on drums and Corduroy Cosmic as special guest on noise guitars.

Rope with Nico Lippolis, jayrope and special guest Corduroy Cosmic

alternate flyer - looks like a high profile show huh? gosh it ... was okay. i liked us that night, but everyone confused us with Alias and couldn't obviously believe he was doing such dark stuff. A good show, Alias was good, too, for two tracks. Then he got into a kind of maniristic wanna-be HipHop thing and didn't stop. HipHop was cool, when people didn't rap (all the time). Argh. There's ben a bunch of people coming up, liking us, asked who we were, but how can you tell them somethign like "uhm we released two albums in 1998 and 2000 and now we didn't do a single show for the last 4 years" ... i like it, when bands follow their own timing. Rather they release an excellent record every 15 years, than providing 78 minutes of mostly crap to the yearly release schedule.


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