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    FR-Nevers, Kimmo Elomaa for Alliance, Recontres Internationales de Jazz de Nevers’99

    Date: 12.11.1999 / 22:00
    Location: Recontres Internationales de Jazz de Nevers’99 in FR-Nevers
    Entry fee: Euro (estimate).

    From Ellery Eskins tour diary 1999

    “…head over to the theater to hear a promising group led by Thomas Borgmann. Dietmar Diesner is playing saxophone in this band so I’m already psyched. I met Dietmar at a festival in Austria around ’92 or ’93 during Baron Down’s first European gig. Dietmar was the first of the improvisers from the legendary former East German school that I heard live. The band also features Michael Griener on drums and a fellow who calls himself Jayrope on electronics. Thomas didn’t take the stage until almost half way through the set, letting the others prepare his way. Dietmars’ entrance was theatrically impressive. Dressed in a very neat suit a perfectly shined shoes he strode onto the stage from the rear, stiff legged and holding his soprano straight out at a 90 degree angle as he strode around the perimeter of the stage. At times he would glare intensely at the audience or perhaps walk over to one of his bandmates, pad and pen in hand, taking notes as he glared at them as well. I enjoyed the set and felt a little disappointed that Andrea and Jim missed it. Sometimes it’s hard to take in a lot of other music at a festival and still have something left for performance. This time I felt rather charged.”

    Charged here, too. That night at Jazzfest Nevers Michael Griener and jayrope founded Kimmo Elomaa. The opening track from the concert is on their album, that probably will never get released / → Listen. (edit 2022, it was released, as RAW)



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