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    HK-Honkkong, Rope @ Festival of Vision

    Date: 01.11.2000 / 00:00
    Location: Festival of Vision in HK-Hongkong
    Entry fee: ?? Euro (estimate).


    Folk music, for those in the know, can be psychedalic. Realistically, the only people who know this are the one who showed up to see Rope perform at Tamar for Festival of Vision. Those in attendance experienced an ambient evening of eclectic music. More organic, than it was folksy, Rope´s performance was the embodiment of live improvisation, with guitars and drums and synths adapting to each other and to the crowd.

    Formed five years ago as an acoustic folk band, the group has evolved to encompass a variety of rhythms for a unique sound that defies classification. ´We don´t want Rope to be considered electronica or pop music or whatever,´ says Jayrope. ´We hate mainstream music, but what i personally hate is the academic approach to electronic music, because that just bored people to death. i mean if you have learn a static theory before you can enjoy the music, then maybe even you won´t enjoy it but!
    you´ll understand it. Music acts upon the heart
    making music is a very instinctive thing.´

    The group reflects these views in their latest release ´It´s no fun to compute´. The album was released on Berlin-based Geist Records, a label that has a strict policy against promoting ist artists. With it´s name loosely translating to ´ghost´ or ´spirit´, Geist firmly believes, that if you want to know, you must seek out on your own. As a result, Rope´s fame hasn´t spread far beyond the confines of Berlin.

    With performances as electrifying as their Hong Kong stint however, Rope´s name should soon begin to travel. During concerts, Jayrope handles most of the eletrical gadgetry, while partner Nico handles the drums. ´The goal is to change the music, adapt it to the location and the athmosphere that we play in,´ says Jayrope. Nico agrees, adding that the spirit of Rope is much like the idea behind Club Art: to be free in one´s expression and to facilitate communication with the audience.

    Rope was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform at the recent Berlin fest in Hong Kong, which gave locals a peep into German culture. Jayrope and Nico – who himself is Italian – stressed however that their music is not strictly German. Said Nico of the event, ´there is some political money makers behind it, and they can´t go directly to the people, they don´t have the channels. They´re doing this now because they now understand this undergound movement is very important. But this is just a start.´ Jayrope agrees, ´we are not waiting for a culture to be represented but looking for good things to happen now.´

    Absolute magazine/HK/issued 01/2001”


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