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    jayrope & Suetszu @ Fuchsbau Festival, DE-Lehrte

    Date: 15.08.2015 / 18:30
    Location: Paradies at Fuchsbau Festival in DE-Lehrte
    Entry fee: 43 Euro (estimate).
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    Paradies stage – Fuchsbau Festival is 10 mins (plus shuttle time) from Hannover using public transport to Lehrte from the central train station.

    jayrope and Suetszu 2015

    jayrope, Wedding & Suetszum Costa Rica eventually perform borrowed ambient or replay movie soundtracks from films, that haven’t been filmed at all (or yet). Eventually, and a bit like with Air Cushion Finish. This music is at least oftenly about things (and between people), which/who went wrong or resulted into something extremely wunderbar. Can have strong rhythms, singing, melodies. So, everything super normal, like you, or you over there. The two perform in an oftenly improvised manner and on a half solid base of self-made and found instruments as well as with a very small kind of shadow theatre and a bit of strange dancing. Musically intertwined with Latin American, West African, locally unrelated or self-written song pearls. Surely on hypermodern (no computer) equipment.
    Never be satisfied with anything less than real jewels.



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