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    jayrope @ Super Hero Daniel Johnston Cover Show/Festsaal Kreuzberg, GER-Berlin

    Date: 15.12.2005 / 21:00
    Location: Super Hero Daniel Johnston Cover Show/Festsaal Kreuzberg in GER-Berlin
    Entry fee: Euro (estimate).

    @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
    Phew. I played “artist growing old” and was REAAALlly erm drunekn already. but then the Sighs played “Sorry Entertainer” and that cured me, with Chris Immler on drums.
    A night I’ll remember for a while.
    A truly great documentary film The Devil And Daniel Johnston for the start followed by a rush of 19 bands each having ten minutes to perform. A little toooo much in the end.
    But a truly great and obsessivley performed idea
    of STORNO
    Thorsten is the superhero himself.

    Musicians: neoangin lichtung the sign & da opposite v.i.p. (aka patric catani) namosh transformer di roboter planning to rock kevin blechdom the human elephant kissogram yoyooyoy elvis pummel indoor surfers random the sighs jayrope chris imler d. cooper



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