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    JEN _accidental @Fusion Festival, Lärz

    Date: 28.06.2018 / 17:00
    Location: Fusion Festival / Grand Kutter in DE-Lärz
    Entry fee: ?? Euro (estimate).
    Band website

    Band website
    and there is a Fakebook page.
    but don’t worry.

    “…“In an ideal human world
    without commercial interest in
    senseless and stupid stuff of all kinds
    we don’t get angry anymore, we act.
    JEN is about future music
    and the ties to now
    and the past of all of this,
    mixed like quantum theory,
    they are forming a timeless search entity here,
    in =rough= =times=, researching those in-depth,
    stylistically unbound,
    similarly unafraid of quoting this or that,
    delving the imaginary dreamscape as much as,
    without much alert, getting most upfront
    about todays realities.”…”



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