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    PL-Sopot, Rope @ Sfinx

    Date: 13.07.2001 / 21:00
    Location: Sfinx in PL-Sopot
    Entry fee: ?? Euro (estimate).

    Legendary show, for us.
    Nico Lippolis and me played 4 sets with a total length of 7 hours.
    Sfinx, so we were told, was renowned to be the best club of Poland overall.
    The audience loved went totally crazy, as we began battling the DJs, who wanted to start, by getting more and more extreme. At 4 in the morning we were cut off by the club manager, a painting professor from the local arts university.
    He never invited us again. reportedly we were MUCH TOO LOUD! ha!
    Well: The location is lovely. Directly at the Baltic Sea and full of high end oil paintings.



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